What is Video Content Marketing, Benefits of Video Marketing?

Videos are playing a major role to increase the sales of a business. And each month you, I, and several entrepreneurs spend a lot of dollars on video content creation.

According to the latest stats of Worldwide Online Marketing Experts. Video Marketing can increase brand awareness by 70%. And also, Traffic on your website/application can be increased by 51%, and Sales by 34%.

Don’t you think, the stats are crazy and you should go for video content marketing if you haven’t started it now? Video Content Marketing is a content creation method in the form of videos. And this is a necessity because people engage more with videos rather than text content.

“Video informs and entertains people and, good or bad, today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page or text.”

Lisa Lubin

So if you are quite good at planning and have a sprinkle of creativity. And if you have at least a smartphone or a camera then you are ready to create video content for yourself, for your brand, and for your company.

What is Video Content Marketing?

An image can say thousands of words and it has thousands of words to convey a message. Similarly, a video is a multiplication of an image by thousand times. Video Content Marketing is a powerful form of content that can increase the engagement, traffic, sales, and ROI of a business by 10, 20, or up to 100 times.

So Video Content Marketing means, using video content in your marketing. It is always used, whether you share a blog on your website, you can include videos. You can share video content on youtube, and use video content on your Facebook & google paid promotions.

It helps increase engagement on your digital and social channels. You can educate your audience, and it allows you to reach them with a new medium. 

benefits of video content marketing

What are the benefits?

Businesses are using more & more videos to engage with a new audience. And it converts a high number of customers into buying customers. But for your clarification, I have mentioned some of the major benefits of doing video content marketing.

  • You can hold your visibility last longer on social media channels.
  • Increase engagement, and make better connections with your audience.
  • Stand out of the box from a crowd on the web.
  • Make your marketing more personal and increase engagement.
  • You can create powerful sales tools.
  • You can use video content and do SEO on your own website. This will help you to rank higher on search engines.
  • Are growing in popularity across platforms.

Why should you start Video Content Marketing?

With videos, you can easily explain your product. You can make connections with your buyers and then you can help potential buyers to take their positive decision on behalf of your product or service.

Because videos can give you a high return on your business if your video strategies are refined and proven. You should know strategies for your video content marketing like a pro and increase your return on investment.

Video Content performs long-lasting and it can give you sales for years and years. Once you will be able to connect with your audience and place your video on the right platform continuously.

How to start?

Before starting your video content marketing, you need to think WHAT DO I NEED TO DO IT WELL?

Because it requires some talent, time limits, continuity, and many more things so that you can run better video marketing campaigns.

So here are the things that you need to start your video content marketing today.

  • Time
  • Talent
  • Creative ideas
  • Firm goals
  • A target audience
  • In-depth research

Let’s discuss how you can start, and what is the right way to start video content marketing.

Identify your Niche and your Audience

  1. In the first stage, you have to be clear about your niche and the audience you have to target with your video content. This will help to think about your video quality and the content you are going to share on your video.

It matters a lot what is the age group to whom you are going to show your videos. The knowledge level they have, their age group, and their income level.

  1. Strategy – Every video content marketing starts with in-depth planning on content and deep research. It starts with your business type, the goals that you want to achieve with the video content and what is USP of video content is.
    Research your audience, what they like, what problems they want to solve, and other similar things. Because you can’t create a video without knowing about your audience.
  1. Production – Now it’s time to produce video content, so first decide how you want to produce your video content by saving time, by saving money. You can create it by yourself, or give it to freelancers. Also, you can hire an agency to create your video content.

    Because you have already made your strategy, so this will save you time to produce content. Either you are filming the videos or producing them with the help of any relevant software.
  2. Marketing – The most important part of your video content Marketing, How you will do video marketing. Selecting the best-performing platform is quite typical for you.

    If you want to achieve an instant result, then you can start with Facebook or youtube paid advertisement with your video content. Because this is the fastest way to get you results.

    And for the time being, you can start sharing your video content, on your blog, on your youtube channel, and on your Facebook page or group.

    It all depends on your business category, I cannot say this is the right platform for you, so choose it according to your business, according to your brand.

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Wrapping – Final Conclusion for Video Content Marketing

It is a similar way of marketing as you follow on any other content marketing, You have to strategize, make plans, produce video content, and share the content on the right platform.

In the long run with your video content marketing, you can leverage your business 10x times higher than other similar brands, who are not thinking about it.

Doing so will allow you to move away from ad hoc and rushed video to instead align all your video content into one cohesive funnel that works together to move leads closer toward a sale.

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