Uxcel Review: An Ultimate Guide

UI/UX skills are highly in demand right now, and if you are also looking to build and polish your designing skills, you have clicked on the right link. 

Because in this article, we are going to do a Uxcel review. It is a platform that can help you learn designing skills through micro-courses, assess the knowledge you have, and make connections with the designers’ work worldwide. 

Uxcel says, “There is no need to purchase a new axe when you can sharpen up the old axe.” This means that if you can empower the old employees, it is way better to hire a new ones.

Uxcel has hundreds of courses on design, including ones made by the top designers in the world. You will find yourself immersed in their courses as they are highly engaging and informative. 

Now, if you’re getting excited and want to grab an in-depth Uxcel review, then read the article for 2 minutes only !!

uxcel review

What is Uxcel?

Uxcel is one of the best platforms over the internet if you want to learn new design skills, assess the knowledge you have and even if you want to connect with designers all over the world. 

Uxcel has so many different types of qualitative courses for you that can teach you so many designing skill sets. It has so many foundational courses of UI/UX, intermediate courses like UI Components Best Practices, and so many premium and advanced courses like Designing For Accessibility. 

In all these courses, you will start from all the fundamental and theoretical portions, and then as the modules are rolled out, you will get to know more practical knowledge. 

You will also need to give a test to the Uxcel, and then if you answer them correctly, they will also provide you with the Certificate that you can add to your learning and mastery. 

Uxcel Review: How Does Uxcel Work? 

Uxcel is a platform that has hundreds of UI/UX learning courses, monitoring the candidate’s daily progress and linking to the other great designers worldwide. 

When you enter the platform and sign up, you will find access to 8 tests immediately, and a lot is also on its way. You find tests of technical domains such as Figma, CSS, HTML etc., intuitive tests such as colour, typography, and all the minor details. 

And all these tests are challenging ones for even an expert. After all these tests, you get marks and complete stats that will show you strengths and flaws and instantly compare every minor detail to the other designers in the community. 

This platform is also connected to social media, and hence you can also share all of your reports on social media. 

Uxcel Review: Incredible Benefits 

Benefits #1: Courses are engaging, interactive and micro

If you’re in the position of Manager, then you’ll surely need to ensure so many things in the industry. And as far as industry’s standards are concerned, your team should have a good level of skill set. 

You can quickly provide these Uxcel courses to your team, and you will directly be able to monitor all of their recent activities, completion of the system, and their scores based on their skill assessments tests. 

On this platform, you will also get a weekly report and feedback. And you will also get to know about the top performers and those who require additional help. 

The design skill graphs that you will receive will showcase the strengths, weaknesses and also identify any minor skill you need to improve. 

Benefits #2: Easy Overview of Team Progress and Design Assessment Tools

Uxcel has the capability to find out the role-based skill assessments of potential candidates. 

The best part of this platform is that you can easily compare your scores and excellence against the whole world. 

Any plan you will purchase will indeed have five free assessments, allowing you to recruit super-skilled professionals. 

Benefits #3: Screening of the Candidates based on role skill assessments

Uxcel is the best fit platform for designing teams, freelancers, designers, and agencies. This platform is good enough to improve designing talent, and thus it will ultimately benefit the companies. 

If you find that your company’s team seriously wants to learn and sharpen up their designing skills, then this platform will keep them on the top of the game. 

And as far as the company’s point of view is concerned, it is way more cost-effective and beneficial to work with the existing employees rather than hiring new ones. And, here, Uxcel helps the companies to provide the best training program to their employees. 

Benefits #4: Cost-effectively upskill your existing team and kill the competition

Any company wants the best possible designs for their interface as it would look more appealing and modern because nobody is attracted to an old looking website. 

Monitoring the team’s progress, speeding up the hiring process, and upselling the designing talent can effortlessly be handled by this single platform – Uxcel. 

Benefit #5: 60-Days Money Back Guarantee 

60 days guarantee is one of the best benefits of this platform. The Vendor will not ask any single question to return your money.

And the 60 day money-back guarantee leaves no reason to refuse this product. 

Benefit #6: Lifetime Access 

You only need to pay one-time, and you will be able to access the platform for rest of your life. Along with this, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Deal Terms  

  • Lifetime Access: Uxcel offers you lifetime access after the single time payment. 
  • Future Updates: You will get all the upcoming updates, including pro team plans. 
  • No Codes & Stacking: You only need to opt for the plan you are looking for and purchase that one.
  • Upgrade or Downgrade: You can shuffle between all three tiers anytime you want—means you can upgrade or downgrade any time you want. 
  • Complaint: You will have the GDPR complaint.

Quick Features 

  • All the Courses are free 
  • The content is a real pro
  • You will face real-life challenges
  • Games related to eye training
  • You will face numerous tests in all skills
  • You can issue role-based assessments to the candidates 
  • Certificate after completing the course
  • Uxcel UI kit icon set
  • Reports of the candidates
  • Switching of the license is unlimited
  • Screening of Designer

Price Plans 

Uxcel has 3 primary price License tiers – Licence Tier 1, License Tier 2, and  License Tier 3. 

License Tier 1 is the most basic and significant plan to purchase. For License Tier 1, all the features are already mentioned in the above plan. 

And additionally, you will also get a team member seat of 3 people with around 120 external role-based assessments every year. And it costs around $59.00 for a lifetime. 

License Tier 2 is an intermediate plan. You will get all the features mentioned earlier and the team member seat of 10 people, and 600 external role-based assessments every year. 

The cost is also according to the plan – $119.00. 

License Tier 3 is a complete advanced course, with all the features mentioned earlier. Your team member seat capacity will also be 50, along with 1,200 external role-based assessments every year.

The cost will be around $179.00.

All the plans are 100% value for money and deliver even more weight than the price !!


Uxcel is an excellent platform for learning, monitoring, and making connections worldwide with top designers. It has so many challenging tests that will help you level up each time. 

The connection-establishing feature of Uxcel is its USP (Unique Selling Point) because no one can teach you how to establish a relationship with others. Those connections are the ones that expand the businesses. 

I hope this article has given you so much clarity regarding this platform. Additionally, if you’re planning to purchase this product, it is a great decision. 

You have to figure out your required license tier to help you grow more !!

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