SMS IT Decentralized Review, An Alternative to Twilio

Are you struggling to pay SMS service providers and email service providers every time you use extra credits and when you put extra subscribers on your list?

If you are spending more and more, & you are frustrated to repeat it then today I have a solution for you Alternative to Twilio and other SMS and email marketing software.

A useful app for the E-commerce players and for those who use SMS marketing to convert their prospects.

Text messaging engages customers a lot but without any opt-in and qualifying the prospect, you cannot expect a good number of sales actions through SMS marketing.

So, in this situation, you need a solution that gives you access to qualified sales leads while allowing you to automate your entire communication workflow.

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This Precious SMS IT Decentralized Review, SMS IT is an SMS Marketing software that converts your contacts into customers.

SMS IT Overview

Engage your customer with the automation and relevant flows with smart SMS IT Decentralised software.

This app is a solution to get unlimited two-way omnichannel messaging and marketing for SMS, MMS, RCS, email, voice, fax, and chat.

With the help of SMS IT, you can bulk schedule SMS and MMS messages without any extra cost. There are some limitations in basic plans but also there are unlimited plans to send unlimited SMS and Emails.

As said by the official platform of SMS IT, if you are using SMPP by Twilio, Plivo, SignalWire, and some other platforms then you can use SMS IT to enable speedy SMS and MMS messaging.

And it also enables all your email marketing software automation by integrating with MailChimp, GetResponse, Sendinblue, and ActiveCampaign immediately set up email campaigns.

What is SMS IT Decentralization?

SMS IT is an unlimited two-way omnichannel messaging cloud application with over 51 features including SMS, MMS, email, voice, and more. You can experience the automation for SMS and Email with this single app.

With SMS IT, you can easily connect your email campaign by connecting your default email marketing software with the SMS IT application.

This application is the best fit for all marketing and salespeople who want to personalize the customer experience and escape from the churn and want to build new sales.

And there is a best this with the SMS IT application if your need is to send above than 1500 SMS in a month then definitely use this amazing application because it saves your money when you want unlimited access to an SMS marketing software.

There are various gateways by which you can connect with any SMS marketing software with the help of APIs like Twilio, IoT SIM & more.

Dashboard and Statistics

Who needs SMS IT?

  • Sales Person
  • Marketing Individuals
  • Ecommerce partners
  • Everyone who needs SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing Experts

Because SMS IT is a tool to manage your SMS campaigns and email campaign without any monthly fee but of course, in basic versions, there are limits on SMS sending and email sending monthly.

And in the SAAS Reviewer platform, I am sharing my honest SMS IT Decentralized Review, where everything is true and experienced by a real user.

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SMS IT Features

Increase traffic, subscribers, and sales with two-way omnichannel messaging

A no-coding platform that will give you the experience of managing all your SMS and email campaigns in one application.

With a decentralized SMS automation service, you get unlimited two-way omnichannel messaging and marketing for all types of communication ways like SMS, MMS, chat, etc.

Send coupons and Rewards

You can send rewards to incentivize your customers and offer coupons to engage with them. Additionally, there are no restrictions and fewer word restrictions with the SMS IT Application.

Bulk schedule SMS and MMS

You can schedule bulk campaigns for SMS and MMS and automate the entire process of SMS marketing and MMS Marketing.

Speedy SMS and MMS messaging

Experience all the automation and messaging services with instant delivery features and all this can happen by using the SMS IT Application.

Get Personalised Messaging Services

Exploit the stage’s Twilio Gateway to involve the decentralized variant for mass informing or the Android IoT SIM Card Gateway for added adaptability.

Connect with unlimited email Marketing Apps

SMPP Configuration

You can likewise utilize worked-in combinations to associate with email programming. For example, MailChimp, GetResponse, Sendinblue, and ActiveCampaign to immediately set up email crusades.

Get analytics and statistics on your communications

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For any type of reporting & analyzing data, you can generate the analytics report and statistics report of all your communication.

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SMS IT Pricing – SMS IT Decentralisation Review

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FAQs for SMS IT?

Are sending SMS working for SEA number, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines?

Yes, we support countries worldwide, outside OFAC nations, and the countries we support include Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Does it have integration with Pabbly, Integrated? without these integrations, Zapier integration is definitely going to be costly for us.

We have had several requests for a Pabbly integration, hence it is now been seriously considered.

Please follow our RoadMap – to keep up to date on our developments, and when we would have Pabbly enabled.

Can I use my Brazilian SimCard number with the decentralized version and send unlimited messages?

Yes, you can use your Brazilian number with the decentralized version. Additionally, you can send unlimited messages, provided that your Brazillian number already has an unlimited SMS messaging plan.

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