Top 10 SEO Ranking Factors in 2022 to reach Top Position

SEO is continuously changing with time and the evolution of Search Engines. And It can be a typical task for everyone to keep up to date. But If you want to highlight your business website from unseen places to top results of Google then you should know these the “SEO Ranking Factors”.

We all know a well-optimized site gets more traffic on a daily basis and that results in more sales & leads. So knowing the correct SEO ranking Factors your overall work on your website is a waste.

In this precious guide, we will learn how SEO works and what are the impactful factors.

We have created a handy guide for you to follow on your website. You can make notes and apply the techniques that will explain here.

What Are the SEO Ranking Factors in 2022?

In this precious guide, we will learn how SEO works and what are the impactful factors.

We have created a handy guide for you to follow on your website. You can make notes and apply the techniques that will explain here.

Before knowing about the factors let’s take a deep dive into what is SEO and how it works?

What is SEO?

SEO is a technique to optimize your content to rank in the top positions of any Search Engine. In other words, the work we do on our website and outside of our website to improve its ranking is called SEO.

In SEO, we follow various steps, such as keyword research, keyword repetition, creating backlinks, and more.

SEO is a result of various activities on our website and creating backlinks. After performing all these activities we can achieve our end goal of SEO on our website.

How does SEO work?

SEO is a time taking and long technique to follow. We have shared some of the major steps here that are necessary to follow to improve your SEO.

This is important to be consistent in order to get results from your SEO work.

Step #1 Find out the Problems on a website through an SEO audit

SEO Audit is a technique that helps us to identify the major problem on our websites that restrict ranking in higher positions of search engines.

Step #2 Do On-Page SEO

Now start optimizing the content on your website, such as focusing on a keyword, optimizing the Images, giving proper headings & points, internal linking, title & meta description optimization & more.

Step #3 Start Creating Backlinks

Now create backlinks to your website pages. First, find out the high DA PA website where you can create backlinks for your website pages, and then start creating backlinks.

Step #4 Get Results and take relevant Actions

Now you will start getting results, this time you have to change some of your SEO strategies and take relevant actions against them.

So Now Let’s discuss and practice SEO Ranking Factors

seo ranking factors

1. SSL or Secure Website Access

Make sure your website has a working SSL. It will show Google that your website is secured.

Along with SSL, you have to check your website sitemap & robots.txt file.

2. Page Speed

Your website speed matters a lot, if you are using cheap hosting or a bed server then change it immediately.

Anyhow you have to optimize your website speed. You may have to change your hosting/server or you have to check your website coding.

3. Image Optimization

You should optimize your images with the lowest size and with the proper naming. Use alt text and caption while uploading and using images on your website.

4. Domain Age, DA/PA

Your domain should be old because it impacts your ranking on search engines. Also, you have to improve the domain authority & page authority of your website by implementing and updating content.

5. Mobile Friendliness

Of all SEO Ranking Factors, mobile-friendliness is the major factor that impacts your website ranking. You should create your website on cms or a mobile-friendly website framework.

6. Keyword Based Content

Your content should be focused on the targeted keywords that you want to get ranking. Include focused keywords several times with LSI, and relevant keywords on your content.

7. Technical SEO

Improve your website’s technical parts, such as improving font sizes, CSS coding, and javascript, and also remove white space on your website codes.

8. Internal Linking

Internal Linking is mandatory to give signals to Google that your website has in-depth information and has proper navigation around one topic.

9. Backlinks

Start creating backlinks to beat your competitors or those who are ranking above your result on any search engine. Create quality backlinks by monitoring the website’s DA/PA and spam score.

10. Social Signal

Also, share your website links to multiple social media platforms. When you create social media links your social signals will increase and it will be a good signal for your website.


Now we have shared all the SEO Ranking Factors, processes, and real definitions for SEO. A good start of a website in terms of SEO can give a better ranking of a website in a short time period.

So it will be good if you get proper information and training on SEO before start building content on your website.

Optimizing content on your website, using proper images, internal linking, and creating backlinks to your website pages will be a good start for you. So start applying these SEO Ranking factors on your website today.

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