Affiliate Marketing Meaning with Example of Affiliate Marketplaces

Do you want to start Affiliate Marketing Today? Are you a beginner and searching for exact Affiliate Marketing Meaning?

If yes then you are going to get a lot of practical information about affiliate marketing and its earnings.

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Affiliate Marketing Meaning is a considerable thing because when you know it’s perfect meaning then you can decide how you can start and how you can grow in this field.

For your information Affiliate Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing where we follow all the techniques of digital marketing. So this is my recommendation for you to start getting digital marketing practical knowledge before going to start Affiliate Marketing.

What is the Affiliate Marketing Meaning?

If a company or a small organization takes help of a third party advertisers, publishers, and promoters on behalf of a commission in exchange of sales, that is called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Meaning is simple, marketing done by a third party person who is not holding the product or services but advertise those products/services for a commission.

The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.

And with the help of Digital Marketing, Analytics, & cookies, Affiliate Marketing became a billion dollar industry. And that’s why you should start it from today.

Now after understanding the affiliate marketing meaning, you have to go for some deep knowledge about affiliate marketing.

If I consider affiliate marketing platforms then there are many of them.

  1. Individual Affiliate Marketing Companies
  2. Affiliate Marketplaces

Example of Affiliate Marketplaces

On the basis of affiliate commission, cookie duration, and a wide range of products, I have shared some important affiliate marketplace examples.



If you want to promote products like Reebok, Cricut, and Etsy companies then you should consider the ShareASale platform. This is a topmost affiliate program platform that offers you worldwide products to promote with less restriction.

Amazon Associates


Amazon Associates is the largest e-commerce store globally, a pretty easy platform to navigate. You can affiliate with this platform without any hustle, you just have to follow some basics and you are good to go.

But the commission rate is quite low on this platform. So, if you promote in bulk then only you can become profitable otherwise you cannot.

CJ Affiliate


Formally known as Commission Junction, They connect merchants with more than 14 billion readers annually and help affiliate marketers earn more than $1.8 billion every year.

CJ is specially made for software, hosting products and other cloud based services and products, and the affiliate earning of CJ is based upon EPC (Earning Per Click).

Commission rate is high on this platform and also most of the time you will get recurring commissions.


A biggest affiliate platform where you can find digital and physical products that can be promoted all over the world.

A largest affiliate community is existing in ClickBank and some of them are not doing business of millions of dollars.

This platform offers you a high commission on behalf of every sale, you can earn upto 90% commission from a single sale of a product.


A platform where all types of promotional methods are eligible to generate sales on behalf of products and services. JVZoo is a software based products affiliate marketplace where product sales are counted on the basis of EPC.

Anyone can start with JVZoo easily, you don’t need to follow some sort of restricted steps and other things to get started with JVZoo.

In this platform earnings are limitless. If you start an affiliate from today you can start earning $3K to $5K from the 2nd or 3rd month.


So, affiliate marketing is the best method to monetize your blog or website, where you can generate more than anything on the online earning field.

Thanks to affiliate marketplaces that allow you to deal with different companies and merchants. You don’t need to do extra research to make your affiliate profitable.

But not all affiliate marketplaces are legit and safe. Also, in most of the places you will not find the offers that are suitable for your audience.

So play an amazing game with the correct knowledge and guidance and you will become a millionaire.

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