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  • SMS IT Decentralized

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SMS IT Decentralized

Engage your customer with the automation and relevant flows with smart SMS IT Decentralised software.
This app is a solution to get unlimited two-way omnichannel messaging and marketing for SMS, MMS, RCS, email, voice, fax, and chat.

Saas Reviewer - An Essential Software Guide Platform

This is a software review platform for entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners. SAAS means software as a service, so mainly we review cloud based applications that are launched as a lifetime deal or yearly deals. We first analyse the software by using it manually and our experts share opinion to guide for the best tool for your business growth.

The Goal behind this platform, is to meet you with the high values, feature loaded lifetime deals. That's why we are the #1 SAAS Reviewer platform worldwide. Whether you an AI Content writing tool, you want to run automations, or you want any graphic designing/website designing tool, SAAS Review will help all the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAAS and SAAS Reviewer Platform?

SAAS means software as a service, all the apps and software we use on cloud platform, through a web browser, called SAAS.
SAAS Reviewer is a platform where you can read full review guide of latest SAAS applications that are launched. Where all Reviews have shared after expert uses of a particular application. You can see the review videos along with genuine features & pros/cons.


How to get lifetime deals?

You can go to SAAS Reviews from the top menu of this platform, or you can choose from the Recommended deals to get lifetime deals. Also, there is a search option available for searching specific deals that you are looking for.


What to do when, I need any help regarding a tool I have purchased from SAAS Reviewer Recommendation?

You can send us your exact problem report to [email protected] or you can submit a ticket to help-desk on that particular application dashboard.


I want to grow my business online, What are the deals for me?

We recommend all the deals for your business growth but in case you want recommendations, you can explore from the recommendation section. We also, preparing a complete guide for the various business that will tell you how you can grow your business online by grabbing relevant tools.